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A Few Uses of Hydraulic Cylinder

The basic use of hydraulic cylinders is to create a force in a linear movement. This mechanical power can be used for various applications such as lifting a power arm or driving down a plate on a power press.

Hydraulic cylinders are used in stationary or mobile applications where large amounts of power are required. To learn more about hydraulic cylinders, please visit

Some of the common uses of Hydraulic cylinders are:

Earth moving equipment: The buckets of digging equipment and blades of bulldozers and graders are lifted by the use of hydraulic cylinders. Bobcats use hydraulics to power their wheels and the hydraulic cylinder to lift their buckets.

Mining equipment: A large number of mining equipment is powered by a hydraulic cylinder as the atmosphere at the mine could be dangerous for internal combustion petrol engines or electrical applications that cause sparks or curves.

Garbage truck and Refuse Compactors: The compactor in the back of local garbage trucks using hydraulic cylinders to power the compactor and recycling centres throughout the world. 

Various types of waste including plastic, metal car bodies are compacted for easy storage and transportation to places where they can be recycled once again with the use of hydraulic cylinders.

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