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Aerial Survey Companies – What Type of Surveying Do They Offer?

While almost everyone knows what is aerial survey, several people familiar with the technical aspects, what purpose it serves, and what the current technology is available to complete the aerial survey.

In addition to collecting information from an aerial perspective using traditional cameras, aerial surveys also rely on remote sensing technology such as satellites and laser scanners to produce LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), LAMP (Altitude Low Mapping Photography) and high accuracy digital terrain modeling, for some names. In case you are looking for lidar technology companies then check


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LIDAR uses an optical remote sensing technology that operates similar to a scanner of triangulation, measuring the properties of scattered light to detect the range (ie physical data points) on an object. Such as triangulation scanner, which uses laser light to read a banded pattern that reveals the surface area of a subject at close range scanning, LIDAR technology laser pulses to read the properties of scattered light from a distance.

Useful for meteorology, wind power projects, geology, physics and astronomy, biology and conservation, and the military and law enforcement, LIDAR surveys are generally offered by aerial survey company that also offers 3D laser scanning services.

In some cases, airlines own helicopter service offering LAMP, which is often used by businesses and individuals to survey large areas of real estate before purchase. But when using LAMP for technical purposes, such as aerial mapping, power lines and pipeline patrol, or road and street plans, contact the aerial survey company who also has experience in technical disciplines such as LiDAR and 3D laser surveying is the best option.