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Amity International Smart School

The new school year is both an exciting and challenging time for all families. Although this month will bring about a new and perhaps unfamiliar set of activities, experiences, and bedtimes, one thing is for certain; your kids will be receiving homework.

To ensure that the task does not overwhelm you and your children, consider now the best time to get your family on track and organized by creating a schedule for homework. If you want to choose a middle school in Amsterdam then you can visit

"The Right Spot"

"Just as you probably have your own favorite place to get your work done, so should your child. My family used to complete homework assignments in any old place, whether it be the kitchen table or the living room floor.

This often created confusion and clutter when it would time to clear the table for dinner or if we needed the living room for other activities.

Since then, I have made sure that every family member has their own designated workspace, such as a desk in their room or a table in the basement.

By creating proper space for each family member, it helps keep everyone focused on the tasks at hand without any unnecessary interruption."

Sarah on "Leaving It Until the Last Minute"

"Nothing is worse than waiting until the end of the day to complete homework assignments. By that time, our minds and bodies are tired from the days' activities and we often are at our least productive.