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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning can be confusing when you're trying to do it yourself. This includes not only moving all of your furniture but also buying or renting a carpet cleaner.

The disadvantage is that they are steam-based machines which will leave a lot of water on your carpet. This means that they take hours. To get carpet cleaning services in Toronto you can visit

For heavy carpet cleaning, it is always better to turn to professionals. Not only do you have commercial equipment that is better suited for this purpose, but you can also use more methods of cleaning your carpets.

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Here are some tips to help you keep your carpet in perfect condition between cleanings.

Absolutely, don't scrub: smear the stain with a cleaning solution or a tissue. When placing them, just put a little pressure on the fibers and don't let them break. Friction will damage the fibers, forcing the stain to penetrate deep into the carpet.

Chewing gum: Who doesn't hate getting this mess off the carpet? Try freezing it with ice cubes to make it easier to get out.

Shaving Cream: This is the best detergent for all kinds of blemishes. Leave it on the stain for half an hour before removing it. Then clean the area with a solution of water and vinegar.

Candle wax: simply reheat the wax. Put a towel on the affected area, heat it with an iron and scrape it off with an oiled knife.

We hope these tips will help you keep your carpet cleaner for a long time to come.