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Buying a New Home in Philadelphia – Pre-Construction and New Construction

There are many choices available for potential buyers when it comes to choosing the right type of home in any particular area. There are many options for older homes and new construction in most areas of Philadelphia. Although it can be tempting for buyers to purchase an older "fixer-upper" or pre-owned property in order to save money, they should also consider new growth in the area.

A new development could be a more cost-effective investment than most potential buyers realize. A newly built home is a smart investment when you consider the time and money you could save by not having to remodel or replace any decorating details that may have been outdated since the Age of Aquarius. You can check out all available options in new construction homes near Philadelphia through

A warranty is included in most new homes, which can help you save money if there are any problems during construction. There are many pros and cons when buying into a neighborhood development that is still under construction. It all depends on the stage of construction at which point you are buying in.

One of the best times to buy is before the company starts building. The pricing might be much lower because they have to pre-sell a percentage to obtain financing. However, buying in before construction begins has its drawbacks. It may take longer to get your house, and the developer might increase your price before the house is finished. 

There is no contract in place that will set the price for your house. However, you have more control over any customizations you would like to see in your home if you purchase in advance. You still have the opportunity to be involved in the construction of the homes. You can select upgrades or colors if the home isn't yet finished.