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Choose The Best Cladding Material For Your Home

Cladding is a popular trend nowadays regarding decorating your home and giving your living room a beautiful look. What's more, it serves as a protective guard for your home as it provides immunity against rust, intense heat, unpredictable weather conditions and much more. 

Generally, interior wood cladding is a process in which one substance is coated by another to control the entrance of weathering components and to provide a fashionable finish to the exterior of your home.

wood cladding

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There are loads of options available regarding deciding on an ideal cladding material for your home to promote its appearance and supply protection against any structural damage. Some of the substances are mentioned below:


Timber is one of the hottest cladding materials, which will be noted for its renewable and eco-friendly nature. Generally, there are two types of wood, including softwood and hardwood. Some examples of softwoods are pine, larch, cedar, redwood, and juniper, of which hardwoods are walnut, cherry, walnut, and teak.

So much wood is considered the most permanent material compared to others. Additionally, it is available in various designs and sizes depending on your requirements


Brick is a better choice to make when you're worried about your operating expenses as it is economical and easily available in comparison to other materials. Bricks can be used for various purposes like texture mapping, layering, protecting, and more. Also, it is available in different colors and sizes as per demand.

UPVC Cladding

It is often applied to the interiors of your home and is considered a great solution for spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is a less expensive option than other materials, can be easily installed, and is offered in various colors and designs