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Considerations Before Buying Shower head

A cool shower with a great shower head in the morning works magic on everyone. It helps drive away from sleep.

Who Will be Using the Shower-head?

Selecting a showerhead via based on who will be using it is important as it is not all showerheads that work for everyone. You might settle for a hand-held showerhead if you are buying it for your kid or pet as it is easier to use on them

Evolve - Water Matrix

You can also settle for this if it is meant to wash specific areas because it is easy to control and direct. However, if you are buying it for an adult, a wall or ceiling mount showerhead will be ideal.

Who Will be Installing the Showerhead?

If you intend to have your showerhead installed by a professional, you can go for any, but if you intend to do it yourself, you might want a showerhead that is easier to fix and with straightforward instructions.

Basically, if you can get one with a step-by-step guide on installation, all you will need is a screwdriver and like 20 minutes and you are done! Otherwise, it might frustrate you even more.

How is Your Bathroom Decor?

You don’t want to end up with a showerhead that feels like an alien in your bathroom. Consider your bathroom decor then get a showerhead that has a perfect finish for your decor. There are a variety of finishes ranging from brass, stainless, chrome, aged pewter, gold, bronze, etc. Choose the one that matches the finish of the other fixtures found in your bathroom.