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Construction File Sharing Using SMB – Tips on What to Avoid

Technological developments have brought about many changes in the construction industry. SMB file share creation is now done electronically. Use a cloud solution to store documents, email, or tools for digital collaboration.

SMB technological tools make sharing documents easier and faster. You can also look for the best file sharing using SMB online via

Here we describe some of the design file sharing mistakes that can be avoided.

1. Use multiple file-sharing tools in one project – These problems in themselves can create a chain reaction that results in cost overruns, errors, processing, and lost profits.


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How can someone handle it? Let everyone work from the same system. Make project files and documentation available in an SMB accessible and controllable environment.

2. Lack of a specific file portal – In the era of paper drawings, document managers are responsible for managing all drawings, permissions, change orders, and other documents. 

Even if everyone works on the same file-sharing system, document control managers are still needed in the digital age. This person acts as the gatekeeper to keep documents up to date and control the file-sharing process.

When choosing an SMB file sharing tool, look for one that gives you control over who sees specific groups or folders. Solutions with multiple levels of control: administrators, employees, and viewers. It shows who created the documents and when they were uploaded or modified.