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Dublin – Guinness House

They say the further Guinness is from Dublin, the worse it tastes. 

Now, while our skeptics might place this on reminiscent Irish men and women who have been away from home for too long, it may be wise not to dismiss the claims too soon; at least until a glass of black is tested straight from the source.

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True, Ireland may be famous for many things, but if you ask anyone what the country has to do with it, they will most likely answer Guinness. 

And since Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease to St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin in 1759, the strong man has grown stronger. Guinness is now made in more than forty countries and sold in more than 150.

Guinness advertising campaigns of the 30s and 40s of the last century played a major role in building up the drink as a global brand. 

Funny cartoons, accompanied by funny slogans and the unmistakable image of a black drink with a white head, have found a place in many cultures around the world.

In addition, advertisements can often be very bold in their claims. 

The famous "Guinness is good for you" tagline was very popular at the time, leading many to consume it, not least because of its potential health benefits. However, through responsible drinking campaigns in the decades to come, no medical statement can be made about alcoholic beverages.

But no advertising campaign, however slick and convincing, can convince so many people around the world to enjoy the taste. Of course, they can be encouraged to try it, but for the same reason, the same people cannot be encouraged to continue drinking it. 

The main reason it's so popular, as simple as it sounds, is because people love it.