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Electrical Safety Tips For The Workplace

Nowadays every office or workplace is powered by electricity. Electrical equipment, from computers to machines, can be potentially dangerous and can cause electric shock and injury if used or maintained incorrectly. 

While most general employees do not require special electrical safety training when working around electricity but are not qualified to work directly with electrical components, it is important to follow electrical safety work practices to protect yourself and others. You can click over here to learn more about electrical safety training.

Here are the electrical safety tips to help you avoid electrical hazards:

Avoid all potential contact with electricity:- The best protection is to protect yourself from electrical hazards. Unqualified personnel must not interact with or approach electric currents greater than 50V. 

If you must work in the same area or room where there is a risk of electricity or equipment operating over 50V, maintain a safe distance. All cabinet doors must be closed and no exposed wires in your work area before you start work.

Use key off :- Exposed and live electrical parts must be turned off before working on or near them. Prevent accidents and power isolation by locking and marking electrical equipment or parts of it according to your company's lock/unlock policy.