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Herbal Home Remedy – Milk Thistle

You can easily use milk thistle as a herbal home remedy. Milk thistle is known as a versatile herb that has toning and restorative abilities and can help heal a variety of ailments. In fact, it is best for breastfeeding mothers and those with liver and gallbladder problems.

Milk thistle seems to have gotten its name since it was first used to help stimulate milk flow in nursing mothers. Its leaves have white stripes running through them and this is said to symbolize the flow of milk. As a herbal home remedy, simply chew the leaves as if you were eating spinach if you want to increase milk flow or help relieve menstrual problems.If you are looking to buy the organic thistle oil visit

For liver and gallbladder problems, look for the seeds. Milk thistle seeds contain a large amount of silymarin. They are used to fight the symptoms of liver disease. In fact, many herbalists say that it is also useful for treating cirrhosis of the liver. You can lower high cholesterol levels and reduce gallbladder inflammation by consuming milk thistle seeds.

Several research studies also reveal that milk thistle has wonderful health benefits, including the fact that it contains many more antioxidants than vitamin E. 

The pretty milk thistle flowers can also be used as a herbal home remedy. Flowers can it can even be eaten before the flower blooms. The flower heads are often treated in the same way as artichokes and the heads are eaten to help stimulate the liver and digestive system.

Finally, my favorite of all when it comes to preparing a herbal home remedy is preparing an infusion using the leaves and flowers of the herb to help increase milk flow in nursing mothers or to help with digestive problems.