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How Important is Perimeter Drainage?

Your perimeter drainage system is an important barrier between the outside elements and your home. Usually installed in hidden trenches around the perimeter of your home, perimeter drains are usually hollow pipes buried into the ground. This type of drainage system is designed to direct water into city sewers, thereby protecting your home from water damage.

If you notice water stains in your basement, something may have happened to your perimeter drainage system. Failure to do so may result in flooding! If left unchecked, older perimeter drainage systems may need repair as the pipes inside can take root causing all sorts of problems including damaged and in some cases completely clogged pipes. Once you reach this stage, you have no choice but to replace whatever comes out of the house. So regular perimeter sewer cleaning is important.

If you want your home to stay dry, have a professional inspect the perimeter of the drain. This is a job for someone who knows what to look for and how to fix a problem.

Surrounding drain pipes can become clogged with dirt, plant roots, and debris, and this is the main reason people call drain cleaning experts for help. When this happens, excess water can put unnecessary pressure on the base of your home, causing serious problems such as cracking and seepage.

Water penetration is the most common cause of mildew, mold stains, and wood rot. You can contact professionals and ask for a quote to clean the drain around you.