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How Much Does It Cost To Produce Animation Videos?

As the business world grows, creativity is gradually increasing. Nowadays, people no longer use these boring slides to talk about their products. 

Animated video services are a little pricey but worth the investment. You can find the information about how much an animated video costs via .

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Now let’s go through the different stages the idea goes through before it becomes an animated video for explanation.  

  • Text
  • Council of history
  • Voice over
  • Graphics
  • Animated
  • Sound effects
  • Last delivery
  • Share more and more

How much does graphics cost in animated video production?

The hourly cost for short videos varies depending on your needs and the video production company you choose. Average hourly rates are between $ 150 and $ 250 per hour for charts, titles, motion charts, and animations. 

Processing costs must be taken into account from the start of the company’s video production process. No matter how long it takes, when you pay for it, you are paying for the perfect perfection of the product.

How much does it cost?

Costs can vary depending on the complexity of the graphics used, from a conservative $ 880 to $ 1200 per day to a higher amount if you want to use 3D animation or new high-tech tools for spectacular film effects.

Your ideas, vision, and budget determine whether your project requires graphics, animation, and post-production add-ons. Using text and graphic iconography is a widely used and effective way to reach your audience.