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How To Plan Meeting With Estate Planner?

Going into your first meeting with an estate planner can be a little unsettling as you don’t really know what to expect. However, being prepared and doing some research could lead to a more productive meeting, save you money, and allow you clearly plan out your goals for the future. You need the estate law center to get the best advice for yourself.

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You can break your preparation into three separate groups: money, future, and family. Here we will break down each one:


  • Know your net worth as it’s important to insurance, estate tax planning, among other items.
  • Make copies of beneficiary designations – like your IRA – and other essential documents (like your deed)
  • Have a basic understanding of your assets and liabilities to the point that you can clearly convey your financial situation to the planner


  • What specific financial goals do you have for the future? Be specific.
  • Have a general idea of your retirement plans and portray any financial concerns you have.
  • Have a basic idea of who should receive your inheritance and be able to share any worries you have.
  • What is your favorite charity and would you want to leave any of your assets to them?
  • Do you have any particular family member you want to assist financially?
  • Do you have specific funeral instructions?


  • While planning may not be needed for this question, but be able to list your family and their relationship to you. Be sure to include the main people in your life.
  • The more challenging task is to list relatives that you may not speak to on a regular basis, even if you don’t want to involve them.
  • Make sure you know your social security number, your spouses, and your children.