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How to Select a Suitable Sink for Your Bathroom

There are several different varieties of bathroom sinks available for today's homeowner, including pedestal sinks, wall mounted sinks, drop-in sinks, vessel sinks, corner sinks, and vanity cabinets.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are extremely popular with both new construction and older homes. This type uses a pedestal to support the basin and disguise the water lines and plumbing. You can also purchase rectangular undermount sink via

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Pedestal sinks are practical, space-saving choices because of their small footprint and simple installation. They are available for use on a straight wall, or specially designed for use in a corner. Corner style pedestal sinks are particularly useful for very small powder rooms.

ship sinks

Vessel sinks are bowl-shaped basin which is the latest fashion for the modern bathroom. Vessel sinks sit above the bathroom counter instead of sinking into it. High-vessel filler faucets or wall mounted taps must be used with this overcounter sink.

Wall mount sinks

Wall mounted sink is a great solution for small bathrooms, since they are fixed to the wall and do not require a support floor. Supply lines and look under the sink drain. Wall mount sink is simple, economical, and is also available in a stylish corner.

Console Lavatories

The console lavatory sinks require more space than pedestal sinks, but it gives a lovely vintage look for your bathroom. Console sinks are mounted on two or more legs that offer both style and support to the upper basin. Water supplies affected by the type of sink.