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Know More About Bilge Boat Pumps

A bilge pump is designed to remove casual water from the lowest part of the boat, known as the bilge pump. This part of the boat is vulnerable to collecting water as it is found below the waterline.

Typically they are centrifugal style, which means that they have an impeller that spins rotates counterclockwise and discharges the water out of the pump. If you’re looking for more information about the bilge pump, you can check here now.

Bilge pump

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Three types of bilge pumps:

  • Non-automatic – standard pumps that require float switches and a panel switch for automatic operation. 
  • Electronic sensing automatic – advanced design pumps that turn on every two minutes to test or sense water. If the water is kept in consciousness, they remain until the water has run out and then rise again to check every two minutes.
  • Automatic with Integral Switch Pumps – pumps with internal water sensors that activate when the float rises to 2 ½ inches and lasts for two consecutive seconds. The pump is on until the water reaches and then for at least 15 seconds until it hits 3/8.

Panel Switches

A panel switch is a switch installed in a boat panel that can be used for manual and automatic operation of the bilge pump from above the deck. The pros and cons of having a manual switch say that you can operate the bilge pump whenever you need to, but keeping it running continuously can cause the pump to burn and dry your battery.