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Laser Therapy for Underarm Sweating

Laser therapy is commonly used to treat varicose veins, perform delicate eye surgery, and eliminate skin blemishes. But did you know that lasers can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the underarms (axilla)?

A laser can be focused into a very narrow beam, allowing clinicians to target specific body structures while avoiding injury to nearby tissue. As a result, laser therapy is both powerful and precise — far more so than traditional surgical equipment. You can get the best sweat laser treatment service via

Laser treatment of Hyperhidrosis - Menssana

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Laser heat also helps to avoid bleeding by reducing infection risks and sealing blood vessels. As a result, laser procedures can be completed faster and with less downtime than other types of procedures, and the majority of them are conducted as outpatient procedures in a doctor's office, allowing you to return home or to work as soon as your treatment is over.

Lasers are beneficial for treating underarm sweating because they can accurately target, heat, and destroy the sweat glands, which are mostly found in a specific layer of tissue beneath the skin of the underarms.

To allow the laser tool to travel beneath the skin, tiny incisions (sometimes so small that they don't even require a stitch) are created in the underarms. It normally takes less than an hour to perform the process.

Laser therapy is frequently used as a stand-alone treatment for excessive sweating under the arms, however, some doctors may combine laser therapy with suction curettage. Inquire about your provider's recommended method.