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Network Cabling Solutions – Traffic Analyzers

The network cabling company these days provides services according to the customer requirement and behavior. The network and cabling infrastructure service providers have also added traffic analyzers to their portfolio of structured network cabling solutions.

Traffic analyzers are a type of foot traffic measurement system. The network cabling company provides the analysis and reporting of traffic data.

Retailers and other businesses that need to analyze footfall and customer behavior are big fans of traffic analyzers. This is to help them better understand their customers and determine the effectiveness and efficiency of their in-store marketing efforts.

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Traffic analyzers don't count foot traffic or people. It can calculate sales conversion rates, identify peak selling hours, seasons, determine total sales opportunities, decrease revenue leakage, compare store performance locally, nationally, and internationally to an available market.

Traffic analyzers must have a properly designed and installed network and cabling infrastructure to function correctly. The network cabling service company offers a wide range of network cabling solutions and applications.

They provide a point of sale, energy monitoring, and management as well as digital signage, video surveillance systems, and electronic queuing systems.

The structured cabling and system installations are also given to the clients with minimal disruption. With the efficiency of the network cabling company, you can get full-service solutions.