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Reason You Should Switch In Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are a great way to make sure the rooms in your house remain at a comfortable temperature. They prevent our home both from the intense heat and cold chilly weather. They help in capturing the right amount of heat and retain them inside. Owing to the fact that they behave as barriers to external weather conditions, they are best suited to be used in extreme weather.

These days they are being used everywhere irrespective of the climatic conditions both for construction and for replacement windows. The best Double glazed windows are becoming widely used and when fitted for an entire house they come with great discounts.

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Structure and Functioning


Consists of two layers of glass with a layer of air or gas sealed in between to form an insulator

Argon is preferred in between the layers of glass due to its property of being a better insulator

Glass is coated with material to re-radiate heat during cold and prevent heat intake during warm conditions

Special coating in different glazes can be used to make double glazed glass suitable for different types of climate


The layer of gas or air which is encapsulated between the glass panes acts as the insulator. This layer of insulation prevents heat loss during winter and prevents incoming heat during summers based on the kind of glass and glaze used.

Types of Double Glazed Windows

There are various types of double glazed windows available for different kinds of climate. The classification is based on the different glazes used

High-Solar-Gain Glass- This kind of glass is suitable for places which have cooler summers but extreme winters which helps in retaining the amount of heat interiors but doesn’t escape much heat to the outside

Moderate-Solar-Gain Glass- They are useful in areas which have moderate climatic conditions. These glasses help in retaining heat indoors without blocking sunlight