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Some Steps To Getting Started With 3D Printing


It can be extremely useful to measure all aspects of your 3D model accurately. You may want to see how changes in the overall model scale affect individual parts. 

This tool is crucial for producing prototypes or mechanical parts. Select Analysis>Measure and change the direction to accurately measure every part of the outer shell. You can check here some 3D model printing projects to know exactly about it.

Split your model

Meshmixer allows you to break up 3D models into multiple pieces. You may also wish to divide your model so you can analyze or study different areas of the 3D model. Select Edit>Make Slices to begin. 

Stacked 3D preserves the overall shape of your model and is the most popular choice. You can select the direction in which you want to make slices, e.g. Select X, Z, or Y to select the thickness of each slice. 

Click compute to see how your model will look cut up. Once you are satisfied, click accept to split your model into separate STL files.

Produce Support

Overhangs can make it difficult to 3D-print your model, particularly for areas with greater than 45-degree overhangs. Support generation is one of Meshmixer’s most powerful tools. It is easy and highly efficient. To get started, select Analysis>Overhangs

There are many options available, including advanced support and angle thresh. You can play around with your support settings and create your own, but I recommend starting by using the drop-down (top left) and choosing one of the predetermined settings options for each of the listed 3D printer types.