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Make Your Paracord Survival Bracelet

Paracord is one of the most useful items to have an adventure. Of replacing broken shoelace to make fishing rods, it has a wide variety of uses that are useful in both everyday situations and scenarios desert.

DIY survival bracelets make great gifts because you can personalize the size and color. DIY guide will show you how to craft your own bracelet using cobra weaving techniques. Once you have the technique down, use your imagination to make a gift to all the friends and family of your adventure. You can use paracord jigs to make your survival bracelet.

1. Select your color

You can use one or two colors to make your bracelet. It determines how you attach the cable to buckle and the amount of each color cable for measuring out. We use two colors.

2. Measure your wrist

Long paracord wrap around your wrist, noting where it finally hits the cord. : Para-Cord Survival Bracelet "Black" 8 Inch : Camping ...

3. Measure out cable

If you use one color for your bracelet, multiply the number of inches in Step 2 (the circumference of your wrist). If you use two colors, multiply that number by 6. This calculation will give you the total number of inches you will need for your long cord. We also added 6 inches extra just to make sure we had enough.

4. Place the paracord to buckle

If you use two colors, first you have to join two ropes together long. There are many ways to do this: We used the method of "Manny" which splices the two ends together and offer more power, but you can also simply fuse the ends together using your lighter.

5. Determine the length of the bracelet

Thread the free end of the cable hanging through the other buckle. Measure from one buckle to another, positioning buckle bracelet free so long at your wrist measurement plus one inch. Our initial length is 7.5 in., so we want our wristbands to be 8.5 in. long. This provides a comfortable fit.