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Eating Bao in Different ways

Bao can be eaten at any hour of the day, which is one of their best qualities. Bao is most commonly eaten in China as a quick and easy breakfast. 

You can use them all by themselves or as a side dish. Bao is best eaten alone. This is not always true. These are some of our favorite things to eat with bao. To know more about bao eats you can click on read more.

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With more dim sum:

Bao with more bao is our favorite way to eat it! You can also try them with gyozas, dim sum, and other varieties of bao. We make quite a few of these! Make a few dips, and share the spread with your friends. For the dip, you can use sweet chili, hoisin sauce, or simple soy sauce with sesame oils. 

With veg/salad:

Bao is a favorite side dish with zingy or bouncy vegetables. We recommend quick pickled cucumber for zingy vegetables. It's easy to make this: simply peel a whole cucumber, then make long ribbons with a knife. 

Next, add a little vinegar (rice wine vinegar is the best), salt, and leave it for five minutes. Add some sesame seeds or chopped spring onions to the top.

With your main meal:

Bao does well as a supporting act. They are often eaten alongside stir-fries, ramen, and sushi. In less than a minute, our bao can be from the freezer to your plate! They are great for adding a little more flavor to your bao whenever you feel the need.