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Collection Of Photography Backdrops

For a relatively modest investment, you can have wood, marble, tiles, and much more further at your fingertips, ready to shoot and style, at just a fraction of the expense of the actual thing.

And what is more, your printed backdrops will not take over your workspace. You can buy beach backgrounds whenever needed.

They're light and easy to transport and store, no more carrying heavy surfaces involving shoots!

Our background sheets are posted folded in cardboard tubes if posted in a store & carry instance.

We recommend starting your package when it arrives to permit the background sheets to settle.

Our extra heavy vinyl backdrops will jump open and open for immediate treatment.

The paper backdrops may have a gentle curve after being polished but that will relax in a few hours if they're laid flat, face down with a couple of books on top.

A couple of smallish weights (books, rolls of tape, etc) or masking tape may also be used to maintain your backdrop level if you wish to start straight away.

If you keep your backdrops apartment they will always be all set!

Printed backdrops may be used in a lot of different ways.

As a traditional background (also referred to as a backdrop ), the flat surface your topic sits on — so the table if you prefer.

As a vertical background or wall behind your topic

And as an infinity curve or spade, in which you curve the background sheet so that it is both the flat table and vertical wall surface, in one continuous sheet.