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Choosing Boys Bedroom Accessories

Blue is a gender neutral color that can work well for a boys bedroom. Some accessories you might want to add are BMX wall decals and tabletop foosball. Other items to consider include a Spiderman Mid-Sleeper Bed Tent and a Tabletop foosball table. These items are a great way to personalize the room and keep it fun for your son. However, you must remember that these accessories are not only for your child's room but for your own as well.

Blue is a gender-neutral color for boys' bedroom

When choosing a color for your child’s room, try blue. Although blue is traditionally thought of as a boy's color, it can look good in both boys' and girls' bedrooms if you mix it with yellow and green. This color also goes well with neutral furniture and accessories. Light blue is also a gender-neutral color and can look great in a boys' bedroom as well as a girl's room.

BMX wall decals

BMX wall decals for boys bedrooms can bring some depth to a boy's room and make a fun statement. The wall decals are easy to apply and can be personalized. Your child will love his room decorated with BMX graphics! In addition to BMX wall stickers, you can also purchase throw pillows with BMX graphics. BMX wall decals also make great decor pieces.

Tabletop foosball

If you're looking for tabletop foosball for boys bedroom accessories, you have plenty of choices. While this type of game table may not be of the best quality, it will be relatively cheap and sturdy. Tabletop foosball is a good test product for young kids who may not yet know what the game is all about. This tabletop foosball set has two aluminum rods on either side of the game field. It comes with a ball retrieval behind each goal for easy and safe retrieval.

Spiderman Mid-Sleeper Bed Tent

A Spiderman Mid-Sleeper Bed TENT makes the perfect hideaway in a boy's bedroom! It features a roll up door, Spider-Man eyes and web-slinging training for the aspiring super hero. And, what boy wouldn't want to sleep under the superhero's web-slinging training? With a roll up door, they can easily crawl out of bed and pretend they're Spider-Man, the ultimate hero!

Upcycled pallets

Recycled wood and reclaimed pallets are becoming increasingly popular in home decorating, especially for the boy's room. These versatile pieces of wood were originally designed to ship large items and are now a great source for decor. You can create countless projects with them, and they're often free. You can find them at junkyards, beside dumpsters, or at your local hardware store. Alternatively, you can make upcycled bedroom accessories for your boy using the pallets you already have.


If you're thinking about decorating your boy's bedroom, consider installing a tipi. Using this fun and unique style, you can create an instant den. Alternatively, you can use the space underneath it for storage. Older boys may also want a place to read a book away from their beds. A tipi also looks great in a girl's room. Here are some ways to decorate a boy's room with a tipi.


If you're looking for an inexpensive Bookshelf for boys bedroom accessories, you should consider a floating bookshelf. Made of solid alder wood, this shelf features a wooden grain, knots, and rub through details. Its raised front edge will keep items from sliding off of the shelves. You'll find plenty of room to store your child's favorite picture books on this shelf. This bookshelf set is easy to install thanks to keyhole slots.