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All About Paragraph Comprehension Test

This ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension (PC) test is a test of reading comprehension intended to test the test-taker's understanding of the language and the ability of their brain to analyze written content in order to draw conclusions from the information. 

This ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension test consists of 11 multiple choice questions that are to be answered in 22 minutes. With the limited time required to complete the test Paragraph Comprehension portion, test users shouldn't be focusing too long on just one question. If you are looking to give the test of paragraph comrehension ASVAB, then you may contact Andy’s ASVAB Class for the best results.

paragraph comprehension asvab

Types of questions that are included in tests for the Paragraph Comprehension test include:

There is also the ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension test which is another test which will be used to determine the composite score and make up a portion of the AFQT which is also the Armed Forces Qualification Test score. If you're not sure of your comprehension abilities, there are many internet-based resources available to aid you in improving your abilities.

This ASVAB Reading Comprehension test is 100% multiple choice with each comprehension test having four answers, with only one of them being the correct answer. When you have completed the test you will be able to see your score placed against the score of the other test participants. 

The score you receive doesn't represent the average scores of the people who took ASVAB's authentic ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension test, just your average test score. those on our website who took our test. ASVAB practice test .