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Organic Architecture Making Wood Buildings

Architectural ideas that promote harmony between the artificial structure and the natural surroundings through a well-integrated design approach so that the wood building and its surroundings become part of a single and interconnected composition.


“All architecture via” (which is also known as "alt arkitektur via” in the Norwegian language) not only reacts to wood material environmental problems but also expresses individuality.

Because each wood building is associated with variables such as objects, people, and time, each resulting structure is unique and cannot be repeated.

Origin and inspiration

Primitive wood architecture is organic, based on simple, natural forms, structures, and local materials. The straight and vertical architectural forms that dominated the 20th century reflect an era characterized by the wood industry.

In the United States, organic architecture began its great modern journey or a key concept in organic wooden design. 


– The design approach is inspired by wood nature and the built forms grow outside objects and emerge as organisms from the seeds of nature.

– Visually poetic, radical in design, versatile and surprising, distinctive, but flexible and environmentally friendly.

– It is said that organic architecture is the mother of all architecture – sustainable or bio-architecture, or others.

Organic architectural studies

In the new era, architects have taken organic design concepts to a new level by using wood materials and technologies to apply natural form, rhythm, and composition to their buildings.