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Different Types of Biodegradable Bags

These biodegradable bags are very popular. These bags are being used for daily life. These bags are being used by people because they do not harm the environment and can be recycled to help save the planet. The planet is still suffering from environmental damage.

If this continues, it will continue to deteriorate. Bags made from biodegradable materials can be used to save the planet. There are many types of biodegradable bags available, so there will be plenty of choices for everyone. You can browse online at to know more about biodegradable bags.

These are the most common components of biodegradable bags.

* Polyesters made of hydrocarbons

* Starch-based polymers made from wheat, potatoes or corn

* Photodegradable Polymers

* Polymers that are biodegradable

* Water-soluble polymers

Bags made of starch-based polymers may last for up to 180 days. It depends on the environment and climate. These bags are fast degrading because they do not contain any fossil fuel. Starch-based bags shouldn't be filled with heavy items. Also, it is important to understand that this type of bag is being composted at a specialized composting facility. Therefore, it should not be used for garbage bags.

Bags made of oxo-degradable or photodegradable materials can be used as garbage bags. The bag is made from a mixture of additives which supplies a UV catalyst after it has been disposed of. The plastic will take many months to completely break down.

 Unlike other biodegradable bags, it can be used for longer periods of time. It is also recyclable and cheap. It looks just like regular plastic bags, but biodegrades after being discarded.