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Learn Bowling Much Easily

Bowling is for everyone. You can impress your family and friends by improving your bowling skills and using the right ball. Have a peek at the following tips to be a pro at bowling!

How to choose the best house bowling ball

Are you unsure how to select the right house all from the many racks at your local center's bowling center?

For this, the 10-percent rule should be followed. The weight of a bowling ball should not exceed 10 percent of your body weight (upto 16 pounds). This means that you shouldn't grab an 8-pounder if you are 150 pounds. The ball should be at least a little heavier than your body weight, but not so heavy it becomes uncomfortable.

You need to ensure that the finger holes are just right. You shouldn't make the finger holes too small or too large. It can ruin your whole game if they aren't just right.

Don't stretch your hand. There should be enough space between your hand, the ball, and your palm to accommodate a pencil under your palm.

If the ball touches your palm lightly, you will know you aren't overstretching or gripping too tightly. Once you have decided that bowling is your hobby, you can start looking into purchasing a ball.