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Aruba Access Points – A Wireless WLAN Solution In Singapore

Enterprises, schools, hospitals, and warehouses often need to access data on demand from their Intranet or the Internet. You may be wondering how connectivity with your iPhone, tablet, or laptop is possible as you navigate throughout your facility.

Wireless access points make all of this possible. You can easily get the wireless network solutions and WiFi solutions provider in Singapore via Entrust Network.

Today there are many manufacturers that make high-quality access points. For centralized networks where you have the Aruba Mobility Controller working like the brain, you can manage policy enforcement, data encryption, network configuration, network services, and even centralized and distributed traffic routing. All of these can be configured for each WLAN access point.

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One of the more prominent features is Aruba's instant mode. You can configure the access point so that the configuration is automatically copied to the new access point added to the WLAN. Moreover, these network devices are available as single and dual radios to offer better connectivity and pricing options depending on your needs.

Then Aruba has patented the ClientMatch technology which squeezes more bandwidth for 802.11ac. This technology continuously collects mobile session performance counters.

With all WLAN APs, you can rest assured that you will get the highest connection speed from the most suitable access point to your location. If this technology doesn't exist, you will run at sub-optimal speeds and switch to 802.11n.

In short, you don't have to settle for a non-innovative wireless WiFi solution. Of course, there are other options, but today's innovation and compliance with network and security requirements demonstrate the company's strength in delivering great products.