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Design Your Own Climbing Frame

Over the last few years climbing frames have become a common feature in many large gardens. The ability to create a play center that exactly meets the needs of children is becoming a clear requirement.

To be able to change and expand the design of the play center as the number, size, and age of the children using it changes is something many parents now desire. When constructing your own climbing frame we find it to be quite tricky and costly. 

When designing a climbing frame there are numerous factors to consider such as your child's age and height.  Always try to remember what your child wants from the framework whether its imagination plays or merely somewhere to hang out. There are many companies like NI Climbing Frames Ltd from where you can buy climbing frame accessories.

 When designing the framework also attempt to use a range of straps and towers as your little one will tire of one tower frame with a couple of accessories.

When choosing your tower it's the focus of the whole framework and all of the accessories will grow out of the tower.

When picking your climbing frame accessories always use a swing arm because you can always alter your swing chair in the future as your child develops instead of having to re-buy a frame.