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The Art of Cloning Cannabis Plants in Los Angeles

Today, cannabis growers have the potential to copy their favourite plants and grow them the same way as the original. The process, known as “cloning,” involves various techniques to replicate a similar marijuana plant with the same characteristics.

For forward-thinking producers with a strong brand — or a highly successful cultivar they wish to sell on the same level of quality — cloning can be an effective, easy-to-implement solution if done well. If you want to buy clones for sale in Los Angles, you can navigate to online websites.

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What Are The Advantages of Cloning Marijuana Plants?

For busy producers in quest of quality harvest and high yields with little effort, cloning their best performing cultivars present them with a myriad of benefits:

  • Speed:

Each clone has the same age as their parents, meaning they grow much quicker in comparison to their seeded counterparts. On top of it, cloned plants can grow faster for the first weeks.

  • Quality:

Cannabis producers should respect the dosage of 10% less nitrogen before cutting the plants during the first weeks to permit sustainable growth. Producers can cut the desired leaves from the mother and grow them to get the clones with the same quality.

  • Inexpensive:

Cloning cannabis is a super cost-effective method compared to traditional ways of growing and harvesting cannabis. The process is fast and cheap — meaning producers can focus on growing their desired plants from the mother source and replicate them with clones.