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Sizes and Features of a Water Softener

Two things that differentiate conventional water softeners from others are size and features.


If you buy a water softener, it is important to choose one of the right sizes. You will want to decide on a softener that can cope with your household demands but not necessarily that large or expensive. 

The issue is not the physical size but its ability to get rid of the "hardness" minerals from water with no regular regeneration. If you are looking for commercial water softeners online, visit

Softeners come in different sizes, which are measured by the number of grains of water hardness that can be removed between regenerations. Preferably, the softener will be able to manage periods of larger-than-usual water usage.

Features and Controls

Before you buy a water softener, learn more about its controls and features. For instance, examine the controls of the regeneration cycles, the duration of every cycle, and the amount of salt and water required for recharging. Keep in mind that fully automatic types also required refilling with salt every now and then.

Finding the best softener company

Ask for two offers. Make sure they have the same considerations such as service level, regeneration cycle, type of control, and guarantee of control valves and resin tanks.

It is best to decide on an established company so you will receive a quality product guaranteed by a company that has been in the business for quite some time.