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Using A Contact Management App To Help You With Follow-Up

There's not any use attending a media event in case you don't follow up on the connections that you create.   Why wait if you do not need to construct a connection? This is where you are able to take the initiative and be more proactive with your media.

Many sales men and women have a concern that the best contact management app will be complicated; thus, they never consider implementing a contact management software program.

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Just take the lead and telephone or email the folks with whom you're connected.  As a beginning point to the follow up, have a look over your database for advice on shared interests gleaned in the conversation you've had that you could use this to continue to build your relationship.

When you get started attending media events, you're going to begin collecting a great deal of cards. You want to be certain to have some kind of database on which you'll be able to store this info.  

Excel: Excel used spreadsheets to my companies as a horizontal database' since I have various worksheets for various facets.  

CRM applications:Dedicated CRM software such as ACT is fully integrated and permits you to list every contact you've got with people.  

Outlook: Outlook may also connect all of your contact with individuals.  

Access: This is a conventional database, but a lot of men and women are not certain how to utilize it to its entire capacity.  If you aren't familiar with this program, we would advise that you use something easier.  

Just make sure you select something which is easy to keep since it is something which has to be up-to-date to be utilized efficiently.