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CPE Requirement Changes Due to COVID-19

CPE is a continuing education (CPE) environment that has seen a dramatic shift from March 2020. It is probable that CPAs who had planned the 2020 CPE schedule in autumn of 2019 were required to make significant amounts of adjustments to their ongoing education plans. 

Best cpe course content has rapidly changed from live classes in-person and seminars to online, live courses and seminars.

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Make sure you check your licensing state

Prior to planning CPE classes, CPAs should familiarize themselves with the CPE regulations of their licensing state. In all, there are more than 55 states boards of accounting jurisdictions across the United States and the requirements differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 

The majority of jurisdictions have changed their requirements for continuing education due to COVID-19. It is essential that CPAs verify the most current requirements of their jurisdiction that they are licensed by. 

Check Your Completion Deadlines

Most accountancy boards are expanding their CPE deadlines to complete However, the specifics of the extension are different depending on the region. Certain jurisdictions are extending the deadline to all licensees, whereas others have extended the deadline just for those who request an extension. The extension is based on the fact that they can prove a hardship under COVID-19. 

Check the Self-study Hour Limitations for Self-study

Individual licensing jurisdictions are in charge of enforcing the rules for online CPE coursework. Each jurisdiction sets the amount of CPE hours an individual CPA is able to earn through online classes. 

In reality, COVID-19 shattered the limits by removing all non-online CPE classes. Some boards are accepting applications to conduct on-site CPE courses on a case-by-case basis to be approved.