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Dental Implants to Solve Problems With Tooth Decay, Injury, or Gum Disease

Despite advances in dental technology and improved services due to injury, tooth decay, or gum disease, millions of people worldwide can suffer from tooth loss. The only options people had for years were implanting and bridges. However, over time, dental implants have been introduced to solve many teeth problems.

Dental implants are widely used to treat tooth roots. Dental implant specialist in Burke VA provide a solid base for permanent or mobile dentures. These teeth are made and selected to fit your natural teeth perfectly.

Dental implants can replace one or more teeth without affecting the other teeth. It can also strengthen the bridge and eliminate the need for a removable fractional denture. It also supports dentures, which makes this technique more comfortable and safe.

With a successful dental implant, you can get a number of benefits including a better appearance, better speech, better comfort, stress-free eating and self-esteem, better oral health, etc.

Appearance enhancement

Once you use this technique, your teeth will look like real teeth and you will immediately feel the difference. You don't have to worry about the longevity of these teeth because they are permanent. This is achieved through a new design that blends perfectly with the bones.

Improved language

Other types of fittings can cause problems with loose teeth, and these can cause incoherent grunts or mumbling. On the other hand, dental implants allow you to speak freely and loudly without worrying about your teeth slipping.