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What To Expect When Being Treated In An Ambulance

Most of us will at some point be treated in an ambulance or with a friend or family member. Here are some guidelines for what to expect from care in an ambulance.

1) The first ambulance that appears may not be an ambulance! More and more ambulance services are using cars and motorbikes that react quickly to dial emergency calls more quickly. To find more about the ambulance service visit

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2) You will be asked a lot of questions. The ambulance crew had to fill out a large number of documents. He will need your data as well as information about your previous/current medical history and current medication for his document.

3) You will do a lot of tests and observations. Most rescue workers will receive two observations from you. This usually includes heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.

4) Ambulance is not designed for comfort! As a result, your trip to the hospital may not be as smooth as it has been. Some people can get sick in the back of an ambulance. Let the crew know if you feel sick.

Depending on the ambulance policy, a relative is generally allowed to travel with you. However, this is the policy of the rescue team. Sometimes it is advisable to keep watch behind an ambulance in a car unless you are traveling with the help of lights and sirens.

Major Elements Of Postnatal Care

There are important interventions and practices during the postnatal period may reduce the risk. There are also opportunities at multiple points in time to ensure broad coverage of interventions and practices.

Postnatal care may also include an assessment and advice provided to the mother before discharge after delivery in a health facility, as well as later during home visits by community health workers or postnatal visits to a health institution. If you are looking for postnatal care then you can contact jacaranda maternity.

postnatal care

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In general, the main postnatal care elements include:

1. Counseling and health education on recognition of danger signs and seeking appropriate care (for mother and newborn).

2. Education and health routine care tips such as exclusive breastfeeding and good thermal care practices.

3. Distribution and advice on routine preventive interventions.

4. Assessment and case management and counseling for all identified complications or risk conditions.

It is through the same contacts that we have the opportunity to improve outcomes for the mother and the newborn so that the programs and services should focus on necessary care for both. This more integrated approach is reflected in the most recent guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Home visits by community health workers have been promoted as postnatal care strategies based on a promising pilot in South Asia which has demonstrated the potential to reduce neonatal mortality. However, it has been difficult to obtain benefits comparable to more common conditions to scale.