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How Can You Correct Your Boxing Techniques

Your boxing technique is vital if you want to have the best workout! Here are some important rules to note when improving your skills.

Make sure you use the correct boxing gloves for the activity you do and that they will protect your hands adequately. A certain shock absorption amortization on the contact is beneficial. You can also buy the best everlast boxing gloves via (which is also called ‘ Die besten Boxhandschuhe fr Immer ber ’ in German).

Make sure that when you hit, contact boxing mittens or punching bags with the flat part right after your joints. 

Your fingers must be hidden under the thumb on the outside. If you go back your thumb inside your fingers, you take the risk of breaking it when you hit hard.

Start with both hands next to your ears, protecting your head. Whenever you hit, you have to bring your hand back to your head. 

This gives you a longer punch that allows you to win the time to earn the greatest momentum, more speed, and therefore a harder success.

When you straighten your arm, make sure to twist your hand so that the thumb is slightly low in contact and your wrist is flat. This will decrease the likelihood of wrist injuries in contact.

If you are a straight hanger, you should have your left leg ahead. In this case, you would like your left and cross yourself with your right. 

If you are a left gain, you have your right foot forward and you jabbize with your right and cross with your left.

Make sure you stay on your feet so you can move slightly and quickly. When you take a punch, you should pivot on the balls on both feet. Do not plant a foot because you can not move efficiently in this position.