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How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Plan?

Creating a plan is easier than you think and in no time you'll have your own plan that will guide your online marketing activities and increase your ROI (return on investment).

These are the most important elements of a digital marketing plan, which you can use to create your own:

Marketing audit

You should conduct an internal audit of your organization, covering all of your stakeholders, to ensure that you have the necessary resources to launch your strategy. This will include your customers, what they need, and what devices and online channels they use. 

You will also audit your competitors to see where they advertise online and how good resources they have. Many companies also provide assistance in making a digital marketing plan for your business.

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Many tools will come in handy here, including tools from Moz, Alexa, Compete, and many others. You will also conduct an external audit covering details that are beyond your organization's control, such as cookie legislation, customer smartphone usage trends, and many others that you should constantly review.


You will be able to see your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through analysis. Based on your audit findings, you will have identified your strengths relative to your competitors and combined with your unique selling point, this will form your foundation for competing.

You will also need to work on your weaknesses and minimize them and ultimately work to turn them into strengths. Your opportunities and threats will be external to your business and you will list the most important ones and decide how to capitalize on them and minimize the threats.

How to Come up with the Best Digital Marketing Plan?


Based on theory, digital marketing is easy to understand. However, when it comes to practice, it is a lot more-harder and difficult to use. If this is your first time, then these tips will help you to come up with the best digital marketing plan.

  1. Give your Customers a Top-Class Content –A website is where customers tend to get tons of information with the help of content. Make sure that you’re adding an element such as a blog which is easy to understand comprising of eye-catching font. This way, your customers will stay engaged with your website.
  2. Gel with your Customers Digitally – Another great digital marketing plan is to stay connected with customers online. This will allow you to gain customers information which can be later used for marketing. Moreover, it is easier to stay in touch with the customers.
  3. Register only by Asking – If you wish to send notifications to a customer email ID, then it is best to first ask them for registration. With this you can also add a few deals and discounts that will make the customer happy whenever he or she receives a notification from your company.
  4. Don’t Avoid FAQ’s – Not all customers will be happy with the service you give. Some will have doubts while others may require general assistance. Therefore, always answer their queries which show that your company is genuine.

These are a few helpful tips for your digital marketing plan. You can even ask a few digital marketing professionals for additional assistance.