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What A Victim Of Domestic Violence In Dallas Can Do

Domestic violence can be an intimate and painful event and requires the care of experts who are trained and caring. The first step in a case of domestic violence is to safeguard the victim from further violence. This can be accomplished with court orders which can be obtained through the assistance of a domestic violence attorney in Dallas TX.

Domestic Violence Attorney

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The domestic violence law that is in Dallas is defined domestic violence as follows:

  • The risk of injury is posed by striking or using an instrument
  • A physical act that is hurtful to the person
  • Psychological abuse that diminishes the self-esteem of a person and attempts at controlling the individual

When any one of the above events occurs, the law permits the victim to ask for an order of protection from the court to end the abuse. The protective orders are sought against a spouse who is abusive or spouse, but they can be sought against a partner who is physically abusive, a roommate, or a family member. It is advised to seek one of these orders as quickly as possible after the abuse has occurred, as the courts are more likely to give orders on an urgent basis in these instances. 

However, delays in reporting violence should not be a reason not to report it as the law on domestic violence permits victims to file to be protected at any time during the process. An order of protection in such instances typically consists of an interim restraining order, also known as a TRO. If the person is found to be in violation of the order to restrain them by any means, police could be notified and an arrest could be ordered.