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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy For Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

The inability of the liver to recover causes a fatal condition known as liver cirrhosis, and the patient is currently undergoing liver transplantation to treat the condition. The causes of this disease are many, but the treatment is limited. 

The occurrence of liver cirrhosis and the main theory behind the use of stem cells

Liver cirrhosis occurs when liver fibrosis progresses and the injury persists in an overwhelming manner. In liver fibrosis, the liver architecture is distorted due to excessive collagen buildup. 

Use of different types of cells

The use of stem cells for effective liver cirrhosis treatment depends on the advantages and disadvantages of different cell types. Of all the different stem cell types used in stem cell therapy, hematopoietic cells are the most commonly used in experiments. '

Adipose tissue cells are also a consideration

Stem cells from adipose tissue have also been tested for the treatment of liver cirrhosis. When transplanted into an animal model with severe liver damage, it showed improved liver function. 

Positive results indicate a bright future

With all the results and tests positive, the researchers were able to overcome the complications with traditional cirrhosis treatment. Fewer donor numbers make liver transplantation very difficult and also carry risks of immunosuppression and liver transplant rejection, but if stem cell-based cirrhosis's effectiveness is proven, it could be a major achievement for medical science.