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Guide to Fit Testing for Respirators

Fit testing is required for the use of respiratory protection and is necessary for mandatory use. OSHA regulations say that the employer must ensure that a member of staff working with a tight-fitting facepiece N95 respirator. You can get an effective N95 face mask via

n95 face mask

Below are some of the steps outlined by OSHA to carry out a fit test. Make sure you seek advice from an industrial hygienist or with a safety expert prior to doing a healthy test to ensure it's performed based on the safety regulations.

1. Supply the employee an overview of positioning it on the face skin, how to put on an n95 respirator, set strap tension, and then determine an appropriate match.

2. Ask the worker to choose an n95 respirator which appears the most acceptable fit after they've tried a number of respirator models and sizes, to deliver the fit.

3. Instruct the employee to hold up each believed facepiece to the face and eliminate those that do not provide an appropriate match.

As part of a fit test, a number of exercises need to be done. These exercises include bending over, breathing deeply, turning head sideways, moving head up and down, talking, and breathing normally. 

Respiratory protection is one of the categories under OSHA regulations. Under the supervision of their right experts, fit evaluations for respirators will assist a company control and execute.