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Presenting the Right Message Via Commercial Photography

As long as there have been advertisements in newspapers, magazines and any other type of printed media commercial photography has been in demand.

While some companies rely on in-house production for newsletters or even employee communications, photographs are the one item they contain that typically uses a commercial photographer to make sure the image is the best it can be.

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Many times the photographs are manipulated to make sure the presentation is the best it can be, a good photographer can capture the image to use without needing a lot of touch up work.

Consider looking at the images on a fast-food restaurant menu board and how they typically represent the product but do not always look quite the same as the item on your tray. In commercial photography, the product may be made of different materials and enhanced to show how the company wants to product to be imagined.

Customers have come to understand that the pictures are taken using commercial photography in a heavily controlled environment where color and texture are shown as being perfect.

Real estate magazines, as well as car advertisements, rely heavily on commercial photography to show homes and vehicles in the best view to capture potential buyers' attention and to spark interest in the item being sold.

Newspaper advertising circulars depend on photographs of available products so consumers can recognize the items when they get to the store looking for the ones on sale that week. Some consumers cut the pictures out of the ads to make sure they have the right items when they reach the register.

However, commercial photography isn't limited to advertising and marketing. Companies consider their in-house brochures when having pictures taken of their products for sale as well as pictures of their employees. They use the photographs to show the company to potential customers and to keep employees informed of what is going on within their company and can include pictures of new executives and even new equipment being brought into use in the company.