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Choose A Suitable Pillow For Good Sleep

The pillowcase and the pillow inner are used daily and in contact with the skin, so they should be kept dry and clean. Breathable, moisture-wicking and washable pure cotton material is the first choice. The process of getting pure cotton silk-like can make the pillowcase feel smooth and fresh.

For being in contact with the skin directly, an embroidery pillowcase is less suitable than a jacquard one. The color of the pillowcase should be dirt-highlighted so that we can wash it in time and keep the pillow clean. You can browse to read more about pillows.

A thick pillow makes the neck lean forward too much and leads to muscle tension and pain and insufficient blood supply to the brain. Conversely, a thin pillow or no pillow leaves the cervical spine impending and causes snoring.

The proper height of pillow should be 10-15 centimeters so that the head and the body can be kept level when sleeping on the back. Generally, the pillow should be one-fist high for sleeping on the back, while two-fist high for sleeping on the shoulder.

A pillow that is dried in the sun has a clean smell of sunshine, bringing us a sense of security. In fact, moderate natural fragrance can also calm the nerves and help in good sleep.