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Major Advantages Of Hosted PBX Systems

A hosted PBX service can be advantageous in many areas that traditional PBX phone systems have the weakest. Hosted PBX provides PBX functions as a subscription that is accessible via telephone or the internet. Hosted PBX was released in 1997. Users sign contracts for PBX services through the hosted PBX provider. 

Today, it's possible to have a Hosted PBX with more features than what was offered by the initial systems in this category or contract with companies that offer lesser functionality to meet your requirements.

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With Hosted PBX Phone System you can have all of the features that come with the top telephone and voicemail systems without having to purchase or maintain, nor outgrow. The most difficult features you can get from Hosted systems are Automatic Call Distribution instead of hunt groups, flexible business directories, calls transferred among the extensions, and real-time monitoring of the system. 

There are other sophisticated features that only a handful of service providers have been able to provide. Web-based management tools are the norm in hosted PBX services.

There are additional benefits that hosted systems have. One of the most significant is the possibility of routing calls to any number, instead of only phones that are wired to the PBX in the office. Other advantages of hosting a PBX include lower cost of entry in support and maintenance costs, more control, greater ability to scale up, and more flexibility.