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Masking Tape – Tips and Tricks

When painting a house's interior, one of the most difficult tasks is painting walls. This article will provide some tips and tricks on how to use masking bands to create beautiful walls.

It is essential to have well-painted walls when interior house painting. You will need to first cut in the walls with a paintbrush and then fill in the middle areas with paint by rolling it on. The average DIY person or beginner will use tape to mask the edges of the wall. 

Masking Tape

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Paint is then applied with a loose brush in the hope that the newly painted wall will look clean after the tape is removed. The result is often less than ideal and can sometimes be attributed to tape application errors. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the quality of tape used for interior house painting.

Apply the tape gently, without over-pulling or stretching. This allows the adhesive to stick better to the surface. It also reduces the possibility of paint leaking under the edges. After the tape is applied gently, use a rag to press it onto the surface. 

These tricks can be used to paint with masking tape. They are not applicable to exterior painting, but they can make a big difference in interior painting. You can use the same paint color that you used to protect the tape and paint it onto your new color.