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What is The Natural Health Product?

For years, this nutritional supplement has been studied and some have even speculated that because of its intense nutrition level it certainly must have been originally cultivated by a long-ancient horticulturist.

Many of those familiar with the fruit consider it a true super fruit that is capable of providing consumers with a healthy variety of balanced nutrients which are crucial to maintaining health and boosting the human immune system.

The fruit has also been shown to help promote tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory action in the hair, skin, and mucosa of internal organs. You can also buy natural health products from

This can be important as it relates to protecting the respiratory system, digestive system, and uro-genital tract. As a Natural Health Product, Sea Buckhorn has a lot to offer.

While some individuals already know that Sea Buckthorn contains huge levels of important nutrients, they may not know that it is the only natural plant source that also provides its users with omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids.

They may also not be aware that its level of vitamin C value is just about at the top of list of fruits humans eat. Also, its Omega-7 level can help protect skin and membrane cells. Compared to other nutritional supplements, Sea Buckthorn is rich in Omega-7.