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Accepting Payment Online—7 Steps to Improve your Customers Buying Experience

Accepting online payment will make it much less likely that customers will forget your website or its speech, decide to purchase from a competitor who accepts online payment, or stop making a purchase decision.

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Accepting Payment Online---7 Steps to Improve your Customers Buying Experience

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As you are accepting credit cards on the Internet, there are many different ways you can enhance the shopping experience, especially for those who are new to the net and may be concerned about completing online transactions.

#1 – Explain what will happen during checkout and keep the customer informed during the buying process.

Giving a brief description of the process assures the customer that they are on the right track to a successful purchase and let them know when the transaction is completed.

# 2 – Tell your customers that their information is secure and that their transactions are happening on secure servers.

Make sure that your payment page can be clearly identified as a secure site. This indicates that the payment page is located on a secure server and a display of a padlock symbol or logo that can be clicked on to confirm that there is a valid secure certificate attached to the secure server.

# 3 – Send automated thank you notes and personal receipts to your customers

The transaction is not necessary when your customer has paid his money and collected his goods.

#4 – Brand your Payment Pages

Possessing a branded payment site not just makes you seem more professional, so it is going to boost your conversion rate' and decrease your karma speed'.

#5 – Set your Logo in your Payment Pages

A shared payment page may indicate a generic firm. You would like your company to stick out in your client's mind so they will remember you and buy from you.

#6 – Place your company name on your client's credit card receipt

Make sure your payment solutions provider can place your company name on your customer's credit card or bank statement.

#7 – Create Checkout Straightforward

The simpler it is to choose purchase from you personally, the less probable it is that the consumer will abandon the purchase on the purchasing page. Simple is better; branded and simple is better.