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Stiga Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Stiga is well known for its table tennis and ping pong products. It is a well-known brand that is sold in a variety of countries worldwide. There are numerous Stiga outdoor ping pong table supplies on the market, each with its own set of features and price points. You must select the best one for your requirements.

The Stiga outdoor table tennis table is ideal for players with limited budgets. The Mega brand is not the most expensive, but it doesn't mean that it is low-quality and will disappoint the avid Ping Pong player. This compact, lightweight system is the best value for money for hobbyists.

The mega-brand is 184cm by 69cm by 163cm or 72.4in by 27.2in and 64.2in. The Mega brand has a great playing surface. The perfect playing surface includes a storage area to store the paddle and balls.

The Stiga Winner is next in cost at $552. If the customer has more money, this would be the table they choose. There are many upgrades in this table that the Mega product does not have. The Winner Outdoor measures 108inx30inx60 inches or 275cmx153cmx77cm. 

It also meets the ITTF specifications, requiring all players to practice on the same size tables. It includes 4 paddles and 6 balls, as well as paddle and ball storage.

The Performance CS Rollaway is a popular Ping Pong accessory that costs $775 right now. The size of the Performance product is the same as that of the Winner brand. This means that anyone who wishes to practice will be able to do so.

Many other elements distinguish the Performance brand. Despite the fact that they have the same regulation size, Performance Outdoor has a stronger table due to its special steel frame. The Performance Outdoor now has new wheels, which makes it even more mobile.