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About Dental Crowns Procedure

A dental crown is a tooth-like structure (cap) that is placed on top of the repaired tooth to restore it to its original shape, dimensions, strength, color, look, and function.

A crown protects tooth structure that may not be restored with fillings or other kinds of restorations. Once a dental bridge  has been placed, the whole tooth surface is restored to its desired initial shape, dimensions, color, and visual appeal.

dental crown

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After the tooth damage or decay is large and extensive, a fully covering porcelain crown or a gold crown may restore the tooth to its original shape and function.

A dental crown can be made from different Kinds of materials such as metals (mostly stainless steel or stone ), resin,  porcelain,ceramic and a combination of a few of the aforementioned materials

A dental crown is placed temporarily or permanently depending on the aim of its positioning. A permanent dental crown is highly durable and will last several years. With appropriate care and regular dental check, a crown can last many years, providing the patient a gorgeous lasting grin.

While the tooth is cracked, the dentist will prepare the tooth by eliminating any rust and forming the surface to correctly match the crown.

After these details are achieved, the patient’s temporary crown is set with temporary cement.The patient will then be given care instructions and urged to get regular dental visits to assess his/her crown.