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What Commercial Power Pressure Washers Does Your Pressure Washing Business Need?

Power Pressure Washers have become a very useful cleaning tool for both the commercial as well as household cleaning sectors. However, you have a very different set of criteria when choosing the right unit for running a commercial pressure washing business vs for home use.

Pressure power is the first criteria you need to differentiate for commercial vs home use. For commercial cleaning manufacturing plants, food processing factories like poultry farms and abattoirs, oil refineries, rigs, heavy metal engineering plants, construction sites, you would need pressure powerful machines of at least 4,000 PSI to ensure industrial cleaning efficiency. For the home user, 1,200 to 3,500 PSI would be sufficient to do a thorough cleaning job.

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There are two main types of pressure washers that can be used commercially – Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers. You will need both versions if you have a diverse variety of venues to clean which requires both hot and cold cleaning approaches. Hot Water versions are suitable for cleaning surfaces with oil, grease, and stubborn grime.

The effect of hot water serves to melt away the grease and also serves to disinfect. No doubt it will take a much longer time to effectively remove the grease and grim with the cold water version.

That said, this does not mean that commercial cold water pressure washers are less competent. In fact, These versions are best suited for exterior washing like building sidings, pathways, sidewalks, huge parking lots, podiums, staircases, areas where dirt and not grease dominate.

These areas require powerful pressure to help remove dirt and grim and in this regard, the cold water version is most suited. Also, surfaces sensitive to hot water, only confined to being cleaned by unheated water such as paint preparation work is also a great contender for this version.